Tuesday 5 June 2012

Flight 20120520: Now online

Our first flight for 2012 is now uploaded to our flickr archive. You can browse the images here.

This flight focused on the stone built structures known as Kites located in the basalt desert of Jordan, but also captured other structures known as Wheels and Pendants. In particular, we were interested in the landscape and other structures surrounding the Kites, and how these features interact.

Here are some highlights. Please click on the images to enlarge (you will be sent to the image on our flickr site).

Hibabiya Kite 55
Hibabiya Kite 55 
Amra Kite 22 
Ausaji Pendant 16, Ausaji Cairns 9, Ausaji Cairns 8 
Ausaji Wadi 1 
Ausaji Wheel 20, Ausaji Kite 19, Ausaji Wheel 81

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