Prof. David Kennedy, Dr. Robert 'Bob' Bewley
Aerial Archaeology in Jordan Team: Past and Present 
Francesca Radcliffe, Nadja Qaisi, Don BoyerMat DaltonRebecca Repper, Mike Neville, Karen Henderson, Stafford Smith, Dr Pascal FlohrFiras BqāʿīnDana Salameen
APAAME Research Associate (2010): Mike Bishop
Research Assistants
Sandra OttleyTravis HearnAaron Floky
APAAME Consultants
Simon RutterPaul BourkePaul Houghton
BA (Manchester), D. Phil (Oxford), FSA, FAHA, FRGS
David is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Western Australia. He specialises in Roman archaeology of the Eastern Empire. Since 1997 David has conducted annual aerial reconnaissance over Jordan as part of the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project. His other projects have included the Jarash Hinterland Survey with Fiona Baker (2005-2011), and a rescue project at the Classical city of Zeugma on the Euphrates (1993-2001), as well as the continuing Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East. He has been a Member at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton and a Fellow at Princeton University. He is also Chair of the Roman Archaeology Group, Perth, established in 2004 to promote interest in Roman archaeology in perhaps the city most remote from it.
BA (Manchester), M. Phil, PhD (Cambridge), MIFA, FSA
Until December 2014 Bob was the Director of Operations at the Heritage Lottery Fund in the UK. Since January 2015 he has been the Project Director of the ‘Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa' Project, based at University of Oxford (in collaboration with the University of Leicester), a project that has grown out of the work of APAAME and the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan Projects. Formerly he was the Regional Director for English Heritage in the South West, and the Head of both Aerial Survey and the Survey for English Heritage (in what is now Historic England). He has published extensively, and is actively involved in aerial photography over England, and in Jordan as co-Director of the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan Project.
Selected Publications: 
Bewley, R.H. and Kennedy, D.L. (2013) Historical Aerial Imagery in Jordan and the Wider Middle East, in: Hanson, W.S. and Oltean, A. (eds) Archaeology from Historical Aerial and Satellite Archives, Springer: 221-242.
Kennedy, D.L. and Bewley, R. (2004) Ancient Jordan from the Air, Council for British Research in the Levant, London. 
Bewley, R. (2003) Prehistoric Settlements, (2nd ed.) Stroud.
Bewley, R. (2003) Aerial survey for archaeology, The Photogrammetric Record 18 (104): 273-292.
Bewley, R. (2002) Aerial Archaeology: developing future practice, Conference Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Aerial Archaeology, 15-17 November 2000, Lezno, Poland. 
Bewley, R. (1999) Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data, Archaeology Data Service, Oxford. 
Bewley, R. (1999) Lincolnshire’s Archaeology from the Air, Occasional Papers in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology 11, Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, Lincoln. 
Kennedy, D. L. and Bewley, R. H. (1999) “Aerial Archaeology in Jordan”, Antiquity 83: 69-81.

Francesca Radcliffe
Francesca has been involved in aerial photography focusing on the areas of Dorset (England), Puglia (Italy) and Jordan. After working at the Museum of London in the early 80s, Francesca gained her diploma in Archaeology from Bournemouth University and specialised in Aerial Archaeology. Since 2000 she has been working with David and Bob as a key member of the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project. She is involved with the Dorchester Association for Research into Local History and Archaeology
Radcliffe, F.F. (2006) Paesaggi Sepolti in Daunia: John Bradford e la ricerca archaeologica dal cielo 1945-1957, Foggia.

Nadja Qaisi
BA (Jordan)
Nadja completed her BA in Archaeology at the University of Jordan. She has worked extensively on projects and with institutions in Jordan, including the German Protestant Institute (GPI), The German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the Petra Stone Preservation Project (PSP), and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) before starting at the CBRL (The British Institute in Amman for Archaeology and History) where she worked 1996-March 2016. She has since worked with the Dept of Antiquities and the Goethe Institute. She is currently employed with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation as Office Manager. She is also involved in ongoing translations of archaeological material from English into Arabic. She has gained further experience in archaeology by joining the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project flights and is an invaluable member of the team on the ground as well as in the air in Jordan.

Don Boyer
BSc Hons Geology (Wales), PhD (UWA)
Don is an adjunct lecturer with the School of Humanities at UWA. A geological consultant by profession, he has a strong interest in Roman archaeology. He has been involved with the Jarash Hinterland Survey in Jordan since 2008, as well as continuing to be a part of the APAAME project team. He successfully completed his PhD candidature at UWA in 2020: his research into the water supply of Jarash inspired by the work carried out by the Jarash Hinterland Survey. In Australia he is also involved with historical archaeology of the Fremantle area.

Mat Dalton
BCA (Wollongong), MPhil (Cambridge)
Mat Dalton and Simon Rutter
Mat joined APAAME as full time Research Assistant in 2010, and has continued working with the project while also a PhD candidate at Cambridge University. He has been a field archaeologist, working as a site supervisor on a range of sites in Cyprus, Egypt and Sudan (the Amara West Project). His archaeological interests range from finds illustration and mapping to prehistoric settlement archaeology (particularly using geoarchaeological techniques) in the wider Middle East. He has a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts and Graphic Design) and an MPhil in Archaeology. Mat is currently a Research Associate with the Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project, UWA.
Crewe, L., Dalton, M. et al. (2011) ‘Second preliminary report of excavations at Kissonerga-Skalia, 2008–10.’ In Report of the Department of Antiquites, Cyprus 2011. 
Dalton, M. (2007). ‘The Egkomi Mapping Project’ in Report of the Department of Antiquites, Cyprus 2007.

Rebecca Repper
BA Hons (UWA), MMusStud (Macquarie University, Sydney)
Rebecca joined the APAAME team in 2010 as a Research Assistant. She has been involved in aerial reconnaissance in Jordan since 2011, and now in Saudi Arabia as part of the Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project (UWA). Her interests include Roman and Middle East archaeology, archival research, photograph collections, digitisation and database management/registration. She is currently a PhD Candidate at UWA researching documentation of photograph collections in Western Australian collections.

Mike Neville
Mike was a pioneering member of the Aerial Archaeology of Jordan Project who was instrumental in the digitisation of the archive for public use online and for advising on the work flow during fieldwork. He joined two seasons of flying in Jordan before dying unexpectedly in 2009.

Karen Henderson
BA Hons (UWA), PGCert. (Curtin)
Structures of particular interest to Karen are the enigmatic Desert Kites, Pendant, Wheels and Cairns, about all of which very little is known. Karen has previously participated in excavation and survey in Romania around Tropaeum Traiani in 2004 while an undergraduate studying archaeology. She has also been involved in Australian historical archaeology in and around Kalgoorlie and Cue in Western Australia. Karen participated in four seasons with the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project.

Stafford Smith
BSc Hons (UWA)
Staf specialises in GIS and cartography for archaeology, and is most interested in the public presentation of archaeology through these channels. He previously worked on the Aerial Archaeology of Jordan Project as Research Assistant, as a Heritage Advisor at BHP Billiton, and has been an intern at the Sint Eustatius Centre for Archaeological Research in the Dutch Caribbean. Currently, he is a freelance consultant with Smith Field and Spatial.

Dr Pascal Flohr
Pascal Flohr
BA (Leiden), MPhil (Leiden), PhD (Reading)
Pascal joined APAAME as the research assistant in 2019. She specialises in Middle Eastern archaeology, especially in human-environment interactions, with a current focus on Late Neolithic Jordan. After a post-doc in Reading on climate and society in the ancient Middle East, she started working for the EAMENA project in 2016. Her interest in digital archaeology continues to expand as she is involved in the Mapping Digital Heritage in Jordan (MaDiH) project.

Firas Bqāʿīn
Firas Bqāʿīn
BA (Mu'tah), MA (Jordan)
Firas joined the Aerial Archaeology team in 2018 – encouraged by our former team member Dr Andrea Zerbini. He is Operations Manager at the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) British Institute in Amman, and as part of his responsibilities, facilitates the permissions and senior local contacts with the Royal Jordanian Air Force for the aerial archaeology team. He has worked committedly across many institutions in Jordan, including with the Jordan Department of Antiquities on archaeological excavations at the Amman Citadel 2000-2001, as Dean Assistant at the Faculty of Art and Design in the University of Jordan 2004-2007, Projects Coordinator in NGO relief work with Caritas Jordan, and Administrator at the American Center of Oriental Research ACOR in Amman.
Publication: al-Bqāʿīn, Firas & Corbett, Glenn & Khamis, Elias. (2015). An Umayyad Era Mosque and Desert Waystation from Wadi Shīreh, Southern Jordan. Journal of Islamic Archaeology. 2: 93-126.

Dana Salameen has a degree in Geomatics Engineering (Beirut-American University) specialising in remote sensing and GIS techniques. She has worked in the Department of Antiquities of Jordan since 2017 and is the coordinator for the EAMENA Project, assisting in the implementation of the new Mega-Jordan Database project using the latest EAMENA database. Dana became a trainer with the EAMENA team, assisting in many of the training courses, in Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.  In 2019 she helped with the provision of sites to photograph and joined the APAAME aerial reconnaissance crew as observer and photographer on two flights.

Sandra Ottley
BA (Hons), PhD (UWA)
Sandra is formerly lectured at the University of Western Australia, as well as working as Research Assistant to Professor Kennedy. She has previously studied for four weeks at the British Institute in Rome while undertaking her PhD studies, which researched the role played by the Praetorian Guard in the events of AD 69. Her major research interests include early Roman Imperial history, the Praetorian Guard and the Middle East under Rome.
Publication: Ottley, Sandra (2010) 'The coup of Nymphidius Sabinus', AHB 24: 95-113.  
BA (UWA), Research Assistant for APAAME. His interest in the ancient world began as a child reading Asterix comics, a fascination that led him to major in Classics & Ancient History. Travis joined the project in 2013 and has participated in a field season with the Aerial Archaeology of Jordan Project.

Aaron Floky
BA Hons (UWA)
Aaron is currently undertaking a PhD, and tutoring Classics & Ancient History at the University of Western Australia. After completing his Honours thesis in 2011, Aaron worked for 12 months as a consultant archaeologist in the Australian heritage industry, before returning to begin his PhD. He is interested in ritual and motifs in the mythology and cults of the Greeks and Romans, as well as Greek and Roman military strategy.

Mike Bishop
BA Hons, PhD (Sheffield)
While Mike specialises in Roman military sites and equipment, he also freelances as a writer, publisher and archaeologist. Mike is owner and publisher of The Armatura Press which produces high quality works related to the Roman Army. Mike worked as a Research Associate with APAAME on the pilot project of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, using satellite imagery from Google Earth. The results of this project were published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Mike has previously worked as a Research Associate in the department of Archaeology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, working on the excavations at Corbridge. He is currently walking Hadrian’s Wall and you can read about it on his blog at
Major Publications: 
Kennedy, D.L. and Bishop, M. (2011) ‘Google Earth and the Archaeology of Saudi Arabia. A case study from the Jeddah area.’ In Journal of Archaeological Science, 38: 1284-1293. 
Bishop, M. and J.C.N. Coulston (2006) Roman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome (2nd ed.), Oxford. 
Bishop, M. and Dore, J.N. (1989) Corbridge: excavations of the Roman fort and town, 1947-80, HBMCE Archaeological Report No. 8, London.

Simon Rutter
BEng Hons (London)
Simon is an information technology professional with over 20 years experience in software development, project management and service delivery. He has previously worked in the Middle East and in commercial aviation in a variety of roles. He became involved with APAAME while working at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Western Australia. His contributions included software to automate photograph and Google Earth metadata generation.

Paul Bourke
Assoc Prof. University of Western Australia
Paul Bourke is the director of the iVEC facility at the University of Western Australia. His research interests include visualisation, computer graphics, geometric algorithms, and digital image processing. During his career he has worked in positions where he concentrated on architectural virtual environments, brain/medical research, astronomy visualisation, and virtual heritage. Of particular interest are engaging and immersive display technologies and how they may be used to support visualisation, employed for public outreach and education, and used to create novel exhibits for museums and other public spaces.