Wednesday 9 January 2013

Free Lecture - Roman Britain: Invasion and Conquest

Upcoming free lectures run by the Roman Archaeology Group of Perth:

2 Illustrated Lectures
Saturday 19 January
Fox Lecture Theatre
University of Western Australia
On Sunday 31 March the Roman Archaeology Group will have the pleasure of a lecture by one of the best-known experts on Roman Britain – Guy de la Bédoyère. As a prelude there will be four lectures establishing the circumstances in which many of the tribes of Britain were brought under Roman control and converted collectively into a new province – Britannia. The lectures will span the period from the expeditions by Julius Caesar in 55 and 54 BC to the high tide of conquest and the governor Julius Agricola, AD 77-84.

Invasion and Conquest
how the tribes of Britain were brought under Roman control
Winthrop Professor David Kennedy

1:30pm - Lecture 1: Caesar's expeditions of 55 and 54 BC
2:30pm - tea break ($7 for RAG Members $10 for non-members)
3:00pm - Lecture 2: The Invasion of the Emperor Claudius in AD 43

Please let us know of your interest by emailing Maire Gomes (please see flier below).
Next lectures: 2nd March

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