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General Enquiries and Archive Image Requests

To request the use of images from our archive please include in your request the file name of the images (APAAME_...), a brief description of the project you are working on and the reason you are requesting the imagery.

If you cannot find the site you are looking for on our archive site, please provide a Google Earth pin (.kml or .kmz file) or geographical coordinates of the site or areas you are interested in, ideally with a map or picture of the site and any alternate spellings. If we have not photographed the site we may be able to include it in a later flying season.

There is generally no fee for the use of our archive for academic purposes. However, there may be a fee for administration, material and postage costs where applicable. Use of the archive for commercial purposes will incur a fee; please contact us for more details.

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  1. Hi,

    Concerning flight APAAME 20160526 - East into the Badia - you can find some pictures from Qasr Aseikhim I took in October 2013 at this link

    The qsar was already bulldozed at this time.


    René Digard

  2. Thanks for letting us know about your photographs. We have flown the site several times over the last twenty years - you can see the progression of damage in the photographs in our Flickr catalogue if you search for all of the photos of the site.

  3. Hello,

    Is it possible to purchase high-resolution formats of the images, intended for printing without the APAAME watermark?

    As a Jordanian expat who is a huge fan of your aerial imagery, I would love to be able to hang some of your outstanding work at my house.


    Qaisar R.

    1. Dear Qaisar R.,
      It is indeed possible - please contact us using the APAAME email address above
      Kind regards

  4. I have written with a request for use of an image but have had no response to my two requests. Please contact me at Thanks.

    1. Steve,
      I have sent you an email.
      Kind regards

  5. I have been investigating these stone structures for a year now and have found them and other similar anomalies in other countries, namely the Baluchistan region of Pakistan. I would love to share my findings. Please let me know how best i would go about doing that?


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