Tuesday 31 January 2012

Photographs in 3D

3D seems all the craze in cinemas - but also software is becoming more accessible to allow aerial photographs to become 3D.
This quick example used www.123Dapp.com/catch to meld six images of an olive farm near Jarash into a 3D experience. We look forward to experimenting!!!

Thanks to our friends at BAJR for letting us in on the fun!

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Kites found in Iraq

Today in a new section of high resolution imagery in Google Earth, we found the first kites recorded in Iraq (to our knowledge).
Distribution of newly found Kites in north-west Iraq - the border with Syria is left of picture. Click to enlarge.
These kites are very similar in design to those found not far away in the limestone steppe of Syria, and continue a distribution along the edge of a ridge. They are very difficult to distinguish in the landscape due to the colour of soil and their deteriorated state (most have no tails surviving). Of particular note is the prominance of the 'hides' surrounding the heads.
Head of Kite found in north-west Iraq. Click to enlarge.
Head of Kite in north-east Syria. Click to enlarge.

Hunting in Archives

I spent an hour in the English Heritage archive in Swindon looking at the Aerofilms folder on 'Asia and Jordan' - which I had seen before but last time it was only a quick look; I have made some notes (which I need to type up) but I also took a few digital images - with permission!

When I know exactly how many images there may be (I reckon under 100) - and how APAAME might be able to obtain scans/digital photos I'll be in touch again.  All the photos are prefixed with F - which is for 'Foreign'; when I asked if there were negatives - the answer was 'No', so - until that is sorted out - we may only have copies of the prints (if that can be agreed).

My interpretation of how these photos were taken is that they were done by the photographers (in 1953) when doing the 'vertical survey' (Hunting Aerial Survey) - but (as we do too) taking photos as they approach or take off, and also en route.  There are also many ground shots of the 'field trips'.


Tuesday 17 January 2012

Roman Archaeology Group Free Lectures

If you are in Perth this weekend and want to learn about the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, please attend the Roman Archaeology Group of Perth's free lecture series

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
2 Illustrated Lectures
Winthrop Professor David Kennedy

Saturday 21 January
Social Sciences Lecture Theatre
University of Western Australia

1:30pm - 'Decline and Fall' - the theme for the summer series of lectures
2:30pm - tea break ($7 for RAG Members $10 for non-members)
3:00pm - The Indian Summer of the Roman Empire; the "boundless grandeur of the Roman peace" (Elder Pliny NH XXVII.3)

Please let us know of you interest be emailing Maire Gomes.
Next lectures in the series: Saturday 25 February and 24 March, 2012.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Kites in Changing Landscapes

Click image to enlarge. Compiled: Rebecca Banks.
You just have to look at the contrast in visibility between the Hunting Aerial Survey image from the 1950s and a Google Earth image dated 16 June 2004 to see plainly the importance of historic aerial photography for survey purposes. These three kites (numbered 334, 346 and 348) have all but been erased by the agricultural production in this region.