Wednesday 18 January 2012

Hunting in Archives

I spent an hour in the English Heritage archive in Swindon looking at the Aerofilms folder on 'Asia and Jordan' - which I had seen before but last time it was only a quick look; I have made some notes (which I need to type up) but I also took a few digital images - with permission!

When I know exactly how many images there may be (I reckon under 100) - and how APAAME might be able to obtain scans/digital photos I'll be in touch again.  All the photos are prefixed with F - which is for 'Foreign'; when I asked if there were negatives - the answer was 'No', so - until that is sorted out - we may only have copies of the prints (if that can be agreed).

My interpretation of how these photos were taken is that they were done by the photographers (in 1953) when doing the 'vertical survey' (Hunting Aerial Survey) - but (as we do too) taking photos as they approach or take off, and also en route.  There are also many ground shots of the 'field trips'.


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