Wednesday 12 October 2011

Flight 20111004 on flickr!

Our last sortie but one, Flight 20111004 is now up for viewing. On a beautifully clear Autumn morning, this trip saw us fly deep into the eastern deserts of Jordan as far as the limestone plateau of the pandhandle, where we recorded rare flint mine complexes in the Ruwaishid region under study by Dr Bernd Müller-Neuhof. Other targets included a number of spectacular Roman fortresses (including Qasr el-Hallabat mentioned by Bob Bewley a few days ago), the enigmatic prehistoric settlement of Jawa and, for the first time this season, a selection of 'Works of the Old Men' in the basalt country, including several kites. Here's a sample:

Deir el-Kahf
The Roman fortress of Deir el-Kahf. APAAME_20111004_SNR-0024 photographed by Simon Rutter

Ausaji Kite 3
The 'head' (and killing area) of Ausaji Kite 3, an enormous trap for migratory animals. APAAME_20111004_DLK-0167 photographed by David Kennedy

Qasr el-Hallabat
The fortress of Qasr el-Hallabat, in the process of restoration by a Spanish team lead by Dr Ignacio Arce. APAAME_20111004_MND-0463 photographed by Mat Dalton.

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