Monday 17 October 2011

Over al-Murayghat

A dolmen at al-Murayghat (with 1m scale). Photograph kindly provided by Stephen Savage.

We had been asked to look at an area of limestone south-west of Madaba in this season’s flying, because of the threat to the dolmen landscapes from quarrying. In previous years we have always found it difficult to locate and photograph the dolmen (Bronze-age megalithic tomb structures), because they are generally quite small and made of the same stone which surrounds them. However on Monday we were lucky with the light and these images show the impending threat. The request for theses images was from Steve Savage, who also provided some ground shots. We will be doing all we can to see if these fragile remains can be saved from the inexorable quarrying in the vicinity. On the aerial images the small rocky features are the dolmen, and the quarry speaks for itself.


Extensive quarrying at al-Murayghat. Photographed by Bob Bewley

A series of dolmen at al-Murayghat from the air. Photographed by Bob Bewley

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