Saturday 8 October 2011

Flight 20111002 now on Flickr!

The dust has now cleared and we were able to undertake a very successful flight around the north-west of Jordan. 2000 photos of over 80 sites have been added to the archive, and are now viewable at our flickr site in the set Flight 20111002.

Here's a sample of some of the sites we were able to visit:

Jarash Oval Piazza, Jerash T of Zeus, Jarash South Tetrapylon, Jarash Cardo, Jarash Macellum
The Oval Piazza, Temple of Zeus, South Tetrapylon, Cardo and Macellum at Jarash (ancient Garasa). APAAME_20111002_MND-0060 Photographed by Mat Dalton

Tourists at Rasoun ancient cemetery. APAAME_20111002_SNR-0278 Photographed by Simon Rutter

Tall Zira'a
Tall Zira'a, on the Wadi al-Arab. APAAME_20111002_DLK-0766 Photographed by David Kennedy

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