Wednesday 8 January 2014

Flickr Archive: Search issues

Users of our archive hosted on Flickr may have noticed that the interface has gone through some changes recently. Unfortunately this has included what seems a serious glitch in the search tool- basically that you may not get any results at all even if a photograph is named exactly with what you search for (such as 'Umm es-Surab' as I recently found).

My basic experimentation with the problem indicates that a search will find items 'tagged' with the search terms, but not if they are named with that term. If you are having trouble finding a site as a temporary solution I advise that people search for photographs of their site using the georeferenced search tool at
You can find instructions on how to do this on our YouTube channel:
If you still have difficulty finding your site, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your patience as we adjust the archive to the changes occurring on the Flickr interface.

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