Monday 3 March 2014

Workshop: Introduction to Aerial Archaeology Mar 2-4 2014

Introduction to Aerial Archaeology Workshop, in Jordan.
March 2nd to 4th 2014 
at the 
with Dr Robert Bewley and Dr Fawzi Abudanah

We are happy that we are currently holding our first workshop on Aerial Archaeology in Jordan since 2008 through coordination with Dr. Fawzi Abudanah (who joined our workshop in 2007). We are keen to keep the momentum going for training in this specialised subject in Jordan and the greater 'Middle East'. In February 2013 we were invited to hold a workshop on Aerial Archaeology in Qatar, at the invitation of the Institute of Archaeology (part of University College, London's department there) which was very successful. See blogs: 'Qatar Workshop in Aerial Archaeology - Zubara' and guest blog by Włodzimierz Rączkowski.

Students at the Department of Archaeology will be introduced to origins and aims of aerial archaeology, as well as learning about air photo interpretation. They will be given exercises in interpretation and mapping using examples from Jordan, Europe and Britain. The workshop will conclude with a discussion on the application of aerial archaeology in heritage management and its relevance in the Middle East.

Additional thanks must be given to the Palestine Exploration Fund's grant for allowing this to happen and the continual support of the Packhard Humanities Institute for the Aerial Archaeology in Jordan project.

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