Monday 8 April 2013

Works of the Old Men at British Institute, Amman

What a successful evening!

The last member of our team has arrived - we now number five with our fearless leaders David Kennedy and Robert (Bob) Bewley, assistants Mat Dalton and Rebecca Banks, and also our colleague and PhD candidate Don Boyer.
David begins his lecture at BIA, 7 April 2013.
Our evening was engagingly filled by a lecture hosted by the British Institute at Amman and conducted by David titled 'The Works of the Old Men', taken from Flight-Liutenant Maitland's 1927 Antiquity article of the same name. It is always fantastic to see friends' and colleagues' reactions to the photographs we take of the curious structures that span the Basalt Desert of the Harrat al-Shaam, knowing that we also are transfixed by them each time we fly.

Thank you to everyone that attended the evening and made it a huge success, not least to the British Institute, Amman - Carol, Firas, Nadja and staff who helped organise and run the evening, and for their continual support of the project. The supper put on afterwards was filling in both food and conversation.

Our first flight is tomorrow (Insha'Allah)! Look forward to sharing some photos with you.

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