Monday 5 December 2011


We have two new publications out recently.

Hibabiya, a site in Jordan that has recently been destroyed, was initially identified as a prehistoric village from aerial photography conducted by the 'Pioneers' in the Transjordan in the 1930s. Reassessment of the aerial imagery and the discovery of crucial dating evidence collected well before its destruction suggests an early Islamic date.
Kennedy, D.L. (2011) 'Recovering the past from above: Hibabiya-an early Islamic village in the Jordanian desert?', Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 22: 253-260.

Now out in hardcopy, and not just online:
Kennedy, D.L. (2011) 'The 'Works of the Old Men' in Arabia: remote sensing in interior Arabia', Journal of Archaeological Science 38, 3185-3203.
Full colour images of the whole paper only available in the online version due to printing restrictions in place by the publisher.

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