Wednesday 28 September 2011

Planet dust...

Three Bell UH-1 'Hueys' on the tarmac at RJAF air base Marka - a crewman straps
down the rotors on our chopper (809) following the abortive take-off and landing.

In an eloquent reminder of how best-laid archaeological plans can change overnight, our first flight of the year has been cut down to a 5 minute tour of Amman due to the sudden arrival of an unseasonably large cloud of dust from the Syrian desert. Having taken off in our UH-1 'Huey', the magnitude of the cloud soon became apparent, and our experienced pilot Lt. Colonel Husam returned to Marka immediately.

Dust obscures the control tower at Marka air base.

We are now back at base camp, eagerly watching the weather radars at With any luck the worst of the dust will have moved west overnight, and we'll be able to fly our planned route tomorrow.

Dust plumes (in pink) over Jordan as of 10am. Image from

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  1. What an unfortunate start to the flying season, but what an experience at the same time! I hope you get off the ground today.


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